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In the world of luxury timepieces, the old and the new come together in ways that keep traditions alive while paving the way to the future. This is a field where amazing technological innovation stands alongside iconic historical designs, so a fine timepiece can have a cutting-edge movement inside a body with a time-honored design. There are few places where past and future interact so harmoniously.

It only takes a brief look at the high-end watches on the market today to see this. Some of the world's great watchmakers are a century or two old, and they have their traditions to uphold. They regard their watch designs as important parts of the popular culture, a point that can't be denied. From the first ornate wristwatches to the Omega that flew to the moon, these little devices have been with us throughout modern history.

The glory days of the 1920s would have been a little less glorious without their intricate, jeweled watches. When fighter pilots fought in the world wars, their precise military watches were part of their equipment and their image. Sir Edmund Hillary could have climbed Mount Everest without his famous timepiece, but he didn't. It was there on his arm in the famous picture, a design still in production today. When we were playing, fighting or achieving great things, our great watches were always there with us.

Building on those grand traditions, the great watchmakers of the world are now selling watches that seem to have come from science fiction. Today, a luxury watch may be solar powered. It may be synchronized by satellite transmissions, allowing it to automatically change times when it crosses a time zone. It may show the phases of the moon, predict eclipses or remind you of your anniversary.

There are precision timepieces that can split a second into tenths. Others can keep three time zones at once. In addition to their impressive features, modern watches are more durable, water resistant and accurate than any of their ancestors were. The science of watchmaking keeps improving, and there’s more to come.

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