Breitling is a leading trademark of timepieces made in the town of Grenchen, Switzerland. They specialize in wristwatches with Chronometers and are made with flight features to be used by pilots. Today they are especially used as top of the line watches and their chronograph functions are more of a status icon than a tool in itself.

Breitling watches usually come with a large watch face that allows for more information to be displayed on the dials and increased visibility. Many come with automatic mechanical winding and don’t use any electronic parts. You will also find other added features displaying the date or a flyback setting to stop, reset or restart, among others.

Breitling watches can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $7,000 and up. The price is due in large part to some of the brand name models as well as the self-winding machinery made with 38 jewels. Some of the special editions can include diamonds as well.

Some of their specialty time pieces include ones such as:

-Breitling Navitimer – One of the astronauts in the Mercury space program asked Breitling about including a dial with 24 hours to their watches in place of the traditional 12 because of the lack of day and night when traveling in space. Breitling added this feature to one of their watches and it was first used on a space trip in the early 60’s.

-Breitling Emergency – This one has a radio transmitter and serves as an alternative emergency flight indicator Read More