Chanel, the name is synonymous with timeless, classic, and understated elegance. When Chanel entered the world of watchmaking and timepieces, time stood still. Due to the exquisite quality and luxury of the brand, Chanel watches are only available at a limited number of boutiques and independent sellers around the globe...and now at

Each piece is handcrafted from La Chaux-de-Fonds with the most up-to-date technology and Swiss movement manufacturing. Buyers can chose from the common application of automatic mechanics or quartz movement equipment style and design to run their watch interface, depending on their individual desires and taste.

The face of Chanel watches are of the highest grade of sophistication and resilience. A combination of zirconium dioxide power and yttrium makes for a high-tech, impact resistant ceramic that rates 9 to 10 on the MoH’s Scale of Hardness without ever compromising the beauty and integrity of design.

Chanel brand watches come in three styles: the 'Premiere', their first model debuted in 1987; the J12, the most popular line, introduced in 2000, and a variety of elegant, luxury crafted time pieces infused with high quality 4C rated diamonds. As one of the top names in luxury and design, these spectacular watches and time pieces are no exception to the Chanel reputation. Every piece is individually mastered with the highest in quality standard and routed in elegant tradition.