Christian Dior

There is no better way to honor the precious nature of time than with an exquisite timepiece by Christian Dior. Christian Dior watches uncover a treasure trove of refined precision. They are all beautifully crafted and artful in appearance. They are architecturally inspired and are signature Haute Couture pieces.

Each detail in Christian Dior watches is carefully handcrafted, from the meticulous gem paving to the precision scalloping. The company’s Chiffre Rouge 103, for example, is a 38-mm. automatic chronograph movement that is unsurpassed by any other watch manufacturer. The craftsmanship and exactitude with which Christian Dior watches are created makes it easy to understand why this manufacturer is one of the leaders in the luxury watch industry.

Christian Dior Watches range from simple elegance to refined ornate timepieces. They come with a variety of band choices, from solid gold to leather or stainless steel. The ultimate Christian Dior watch is the Dior Christal 42mm. Tourbillon CD115962M001 Limited Edition 1 of 1. This watch sells for more than one million dollars. However, one need not be a millionaire to enjoy the expertly styled elegance of a Christian Dior watch.

Each and every watch created in the Christian Dior collection is an exclusive creation, the reflection of pure quality and an object of timeless distinction. These watches have the elegant touch that has recognized Christian Dior watches as having an historical distinction that sets them far and above any other kind of luxury watch. Christian Dior watches make people sit up and take notice.