Corum makes well made Swiss watches, many of them as special editions. Founded in 1955, they made a place for themselves in the market through a unique watch that turned into an world-wide hit: the $20 Liberty Eagle, made from an authentic American $20 gold piece.

To make these time pieces, Corum workers cut each gold piece down the middle and place the watch mechanism in between. This requires a good deal of time with a number of steps to go through a process of meticulous and thorough work. While other similar watches had been made before, these were the first ones made as wristwatches.

Corum is recognized as carrying one of the best collections in its field and has a wide selection of their own original and unique designs such as:

- Admiral’s Cup – This paved the way for their success and today is a favorite among sailors with its dial that is highlighted by 12 maritime emblems.

- Golden Bridge – This line carries their original baguette movement and is considered a watch ahead of its time and today features the world’s smallest tourbillion with a silicium escapement.

- Romulus – This line includes a continuous calendar and a traditional yearly calendar.

Their products show something that is not common in watch making today, a progressive and modern attitude that drives them to keep coming up with new and unique pieces and not just limit themselves to the popular watches they have already created. They are not just making time tested watches, but constantly moving forward and creating new timepieces to offer their customers today.