For nearly a century, the name Ebel has been synonymous with classic, elegant timepieces. The success and widespread adoption of these wristwatches has helped the company earn the title 'The Architects of Time'--and rightfully so! Few other watchmakers offer precision, beauty and durability like Ebel. Ebel has released some of the world’s most unique and luxurious timepieces--many of which can be found on the wrists of people throughout the globe. Quality and precision are the foundation of this Swiss company.

Ebel watches are a coveted possession. Perhaps the most well-known Ebel watches are those with the signature mother of pearl faces. Imported from Japan, the pearls used in these watches are of the highest grade available. A thin layer of pearl is set atop another color to give the face a subtle sheen of color. Each timepiece requires the expertise of an Ebel watchmaker. Calculation and exactness are used in the gem selection and setting. Even the leather watchbands are stitched by hand.

While the classic gold, diamond-crusted Ebel watches remain a favorite among shoppers; the company also produces casual sports watches. The company continues to be an innovator in the watch industry. Ebel is dedicated to sophistication and grace.