Wearing a fabulous watch can really make a statement about who you are. Purchasing a watch made with care and craftsmanship says that you are a discerning person who always wants the best. Gevril Watches, established in 1758, is the company of choice for customers who are concerned with style, quality, and timeless beauty.

Gevril Watches: A Brief History

Gevril Watches was established in 1758 by Swiss watchmaker Jacques Gevril. Gevril was more than a watchmaker, he was an innovator. Jacques Gevril invented the repetition dial, and became the first Swiss exporter of watches after creating a unique watch for King Ferdinand VI of Spain. From that moment on, Gevril was known for his quality and craftsmanship.

In 1784, his son Moshe became a master clockmaker, and thus began the Gevril family's tradition of creating quality timepieces. In the 1800's, the family began to use enameling to create unique, stunning, customized dials for their watches and clocks. Word soon spread, and Gevril watches became the treasured timepieces of European royalty.

In 2001, Samuel Friedmann acquired Gevril Watches, and made it his mission to update the company while retaining the tradition of high quality and meticulous craftsmanship. Now, Gevril Watches is a world-wide company with a lush boutique in Las Vegas, and a U.S. headquarters near New York City.

What Makes Gevril Watches So Unique?

Each Gevril watch is a limited edition, handcrafted watch with a unique face. Styles come in everything from casual to sporty to dressy, and watches are available in all price ranges. There are so many different colors, styles, and looks to choose from, that finding just the right one can be difficult.

Natural mother-of-pearl is used in creating the unique dials, and as always, Wesselton diamonds are the diamonds of choice when creating these special watches. All gold is 18K, and all stainless steel is surgical grade.

Today, stars such as Anne Hathaway, Sting, Geena Davis, and Mario Andretti have all chosen to be noticed wearing a unique, quality Gevril watch.