For tastes that lean toward the elegant, but with a unique style, Hublot Watches are perfect for you. The Hublot line of watches first came out in 1976 when Carlos Crocco broke away from working with the Italian Briel watches and formed his own company in Switzerland. With the Hublot name, Carlos researched and worked for the next three years and he emerged with a natural rubber wristband for the Hublot ‘oversized’ watch. His hard work paid off because this design took off like hot cakes, and his sales were over two million dollars in the first year.

Hublot watches are oversized, and filled with intricacies that elaborate the intricacies of watch making. When you first look at a Hublot, the time of day is not the only thing that you see. You actually see the watch working and showing you how to tell the time. Interesting and individual, each Hublot watch appears to hold time just for you, until it ticks to the next second. Silver, Gold, Cappuccino Gold, diamonds or no diamonds, this elegant watch can be worn in style.

Black Caviar and Earl Gray Gold are two of the sporty models with the natural rubber watchband, but they both hold the magic of watching a clock work. The Hublot Company has been rewarded for it sleek and intriguing design as they have won award after award throughout France, Switzerland, London, and other European festivals. From the beginning Hublot has been recognized for its originality, charm and elegance.