In 1837, a Swiss man, Raphael Picard who had a serious love for timepieces invented Invicta in La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland. Invicta means “invincible” in Latin and those watches have proven to withstand changes throughout the years as they were bought out by an investment company in the United States, which based them in Hollywood, Florida in 1991. Invicta timepieces’ popularity skyrocketed from there and is still well known in today’s time.

Invicta watches are not very expensive but that does not mean they are not considered classic and excellent in quality. The watches are dressed in the most excellent fabrics and with sapphire crystals that prevent reflections. They come in many styles and kinds that both women and men would love as they could find one to accommodate who they are as a person.

Men are considered to be tough and rugged and they can expect their Invicta timepieces to keep up with them as they cannot be scratched or destroyed by water. Men’s watches are designed to withstand harshness. Invicta carries watches for men that may be appropriate for casual, trendy, sporty, or formal attire. What attract men to Invicta’s watches are the sandstone dials and the fact that they come in brown or black.

When one thinks of women, they think “beautiful, sleek, classy, and elegant” so that is what Invicta had in mind for women’s watches. They are usually adorned with jewels and come in different colors, which makes it easy for women to wear a timepiece according to what they are wearing.

Invicta’s timepieces are easily found on the web or in almost every department store.