Jorg Gray

Timeless craftsmanship meet modern designs in the fine timepieces from Jorg Gray. These watches convey a sense of style with an eye toward only the best-made products available. The Jorg Gray brand started out from inauspicious beginnings as a small American watch-maker for private labels, but today it has established itself as one of the most luxurious American timepiece brands available today with options for every discerning shopper. This brand is more than just a watch to keep track of time, it is a statement about your quality taste in timepieces.

High-quality materials and the closest attention to detail have elevated Jorg Gray brand's timepieces to the world-renowned status that they hold today. Sapphire crystal lenses and Swiss-made movements set apart the timepieces from Jorg Gray from ordinary watches. Quality and luxury are both found in all the timepieces from Jorg Gray. Choosing Jorg Gray puts you in the company of a president of the United States and others who favor the quality of materials and care used to create Jorg Gray timepieces.

Jorg Gray watches include timepieces for men, women, and unisex timepieces that can be worn by either group. A range of styles and designs is sure to match the tastes of anyone who needs a watch. From the ladies' diamond-studded 2400-11 watch to the men's 6500 Commemorative Edition worn by President Obama, there is a watch for everyone from Jorg Gray among the 175 offerings.Wearing one of these watches puts you in the company of those who appreciate the finer things in life with the best craftsmanship and modern style.