Italian based, Locman watches has always been distinguished by the quest for innovative solutions in terms of the use of materials or the development of consistently avant-garde design ideas. For Locman, these ongoing studies represent a daily challenge and the only possible means of offering watches with a future-oriented soul, capable of heralding fashions and trends.

Years of research and investment into high-tech materials have propelled Locman watches to pinnacles of achievement, such as the creation of the world’s first watches with carbon fiber and titanium cases. This Italian brand is currently known and appreciated worldwide. Locman watches feature a clever blend of constantly renewed colors, materials and shapes creating an inimitable style.

LOCMAN has built its reputation with a true unique and impressive collection of artistic watches. From the ultra-light ‘Stealth’, the sea lovers ‘Shark’, to the 1940s pocket watch inspired ‘Tuttotondo’, or the avant-garde inspired ‘Montecristo’, LOCMAN has done it all. The newest collection of LOCMAN watches are the colorful ‘History’ which are meant to mark the 25th year of successful watch making. With 25 years of exquisite craftsmanship and design, LOCMAN is a brand that will continue to contribute to watch lovers all over the world.