Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix Watches are the award winning favorites for those individuals who prefer one of the more elegant watches in the world. Maurice Lacroix watches are found on the business professional, athlete, and celebrities’ wrist simply because they are well made and one of the most fabulous watches around today.

Maurice Lacroix is one of the more elegant and well-respected watch manufacturers around today. The watch brand is relatively new. The brand first made its mark in 1975 when it manufactured the first Maurice Lacroix watch in Austria. The watches made by the company hit the European markets first. It took two decades (1995) after their initial launch before they hit the American market where they were received with great interest by the discriminating consumer who prefers elegant jewelry and watches. Maurice Lacroix was previously a brand that was associated with Desco von Schulthess AG. The brand became independent during that period and gained international recognition.

Maurice Lacroix watches are considered masterpieces of workmanship and art by many people who recognize the brand’s elegance and originality. The tasteful and timeless design of the watches are favored by many. Like a simple white shirt, these retro style watches are made to compliment any outfit or clothing style. In fact, they transform a plain outfit into something that truly stands out in a crowd. The quality of the Maurice Lacroix watch has certainly surpassed many watches that are manufactured today. Complete your watch collection with a few prestigious selections that include the Maurice Lacroix watches.