Mont Blanc

While Mont Blanc’s exquisite timepieces keep track of the precious moments, which embody your life stories, they are simultaneously bodies of lives in and of themselves. A timepiece’s individual segments - its wheels, spring, dial, and movement – are proud and resilient organs thriving beneath the skin – a case of perhaps stainless steel or sapphire crystal.

Every single part of a Mont Blanc watch functions flawlessly, harmoniously in unison, long after the maker has left its side. Its soul remembers the connection, which keeps the body breathing, performing and waiting for the moment to be your companion and accompany you along your life journey.

With an ocular firmly rooted to his eye, the finely skilled Mont Blanc watchmaker assembles his timepiece with experienced and meticulous care. Mont Blanc watches are perfect in body, a practice that takes up to 300 hours, after which a miracle comes to pass. The balance of a mechanical movement is finally fitted and begins to oscillate.

At Mont Blanc watches are manufactured 1,000 meters above sea level in the mountains of the Swiss Jura, far away from the bustle and noise of city life. All Mont Blanc watches are manufactured in Le Locle home to the world’s finest watchmakers for centuries. When you purchase a Mont Blanc watch you are buying an experience of excellence in true craftsmanship. Read More