Review: Jorg Gray 6500 series - Timepieces Fit For An Inauguration

The 6500 series from Jorg Gray is a beautifully designed line of watches with chronograph features and date display. Some models have a 24-hour dial while others have a small second hand.

The older watchmakers love to point out their illustrious histories, but there is also something to be said for the newcomers in the field. The Jorg Gray watch company has only been in business since 1998, but has already garnered enormous praise for its high-quality, well-designed timepieces. Its watches have a clean, fresh look that rejects ornate decoration and says much with understatement.

This is exemplified by the 6500 series. These watches have an economy of design that gives them a modern image and makes them easy to read. The faces of the main dials and sub-dials are matte black with white markings for maximum visibility. The hour markers are geometric, but there is also a small scale around the border of the face with numbers for each hour. This gives each hour a marker and a number, making it very easy to time one-minute intervals using the second hand. There are other slight variations in dial arrangement among the other models of the line, with timers for 60 minutes, 12 hours, 30 minutes and 24 hours appearing on various ones.

The cases are polished steel or rose gold plate. These materials are repeated on the hands, making a beautiful interplay of colors on the dark faces. The hour, minute and sub-dial hands have lance-head designs with luminous inlay in the middle. The date window is between four and five.

The bezels are narrow and polished. Most models have stitched leather bands, though steel bracelets are available. The sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant. The chronograph buttons are prominent and angled for easy use. The width is 41 millimeters on all models except the 21, 22 and 62 models which are 37 millimeters.

The movements are either high-quality Japanese or Swiss RONDA, both good movements that should enjoy long lifespans.

This line includes several limited-edition commemorative models that are destined to become collectors’ items, if they are not already. One of these is the edition designed in honor of the watch itself. The back of the case is inscribed with the words, “6500- A Timepiece of History” with the Jorg Gray emblem proudly displayed underneath.

However, the star of the line is the Barack Obama commemorative watch issued on the President’s first election. The case back is inscribed with “44th President of the United States” and the date of his first inauguration, January 20, 2009. The watches in this issue are numbered and can only increase in value, having already disappeared from some catalogs.

With its combination of quality workmanship, gorgeous styling and collectability, the Jorg Gray 6500 series is a triumph of modern watch design. The inscribed editions are a good investment for collectors, and the overall quality of the design ensures that they will never come to be regarded as gaudy novelties, as some collectible series have.