Rolex Submariner - Getting To Know The Submariner line

Origin of the Submariner
The world famous Rolex Submariner line of watches is known for its innovative pairing of high fashion styling, and superb functionality under all conditions. These classic wristwatches were first introduced to the public in 1954 at the Swiss Watch Fair and have been the watch of choice for the sporting man who appreciates the finer things, ever since.

A Marvel of Engineering
The Submariner embodies several milestones in precision time-piece technology. The solid-block Oyster case has become a standard in state of the art watches and offers the highest durability possible in finely instrumented manufacturing. All of their hermetically constructed watches are guaranteed to a depth of 100 meters (330ft). A remarkably well crafted machine within another: the patented Rolex winding Crown is a masterpiece of technical precision. Composed of multiple parts, it is hermetically screwed into the watch casing. In this way, Rolex created the world's first fully water proofed winding crown assembly. The interface is secured and protected within the watch- away from the hazards of the world outside.

The bezel, a hallmark of the brand's classic style and image, is a product of the marriage of form and function. They come in an array of forms and styles, each for its own purpose whether to mark intervals, distance, or to display military time.

Rolex's own Twin & Triple locking winding crowns are composed of 2 to 3 sealed zones for a watertight protection comparable to the hatch of a German submarine.

A Legend in Film
As famous for its appearances in the 007 film franchise as is the venerated Aston Martin, the Rolex Submariner is an icon of performance and class. It is a marvel of Swiss craftsmanship able to outclass all of the competition whether under water or out on the town.

Alone in its Class
No other watch on Earth has been imitated as often as has the Submariner. Rolex is ruthlessly uncompromising in its dedication to the exquisite engineering that lives inside each and every one of its products. Squeezing innovation into every micron inside and out, one can see at just a cursory inspection of the internal workings of any Rolex watch that every component is a finely crafted work of art.

Rolex tests its watches to extremes far beyond the limits of what any human wearer could do. Sending their products into impassible depths, unbearable temperatures, and inhuman kinetic forces. There is no watchmaker in the world that has the will or the resources to so thoroughly vet and stress their wares.
There is nothing like a Rolex.

Featured Specifications
- Waterproofed to 300 meters or 1000ft.
- 'Triplock' waterproof crown: triple-gasket system
- 'Oyster Architecture' Mono-block case of 904L stainless steel, corrosion proof alloy or gold
- Uni-directional bezel to demarcate immersion and prevent 50% slippage related inaccuracy
- Perpetuity rotor self winding mechanism for continual use
- Calender mechanism advanced at 12:00am
- Engraved brand label on inner bezel
- Cyclops lens magnifies the date display