The Tissot brand of watches began in 1853 and acquired eventually by the Swatch Group, which is the world’s biggest watchmaker. Tissot continues production in the Swiss town of LeLocle.

Over time, Tissot became affiliated with many professional sports organizations, such as the world championships for hockey, cycling, and fencing, as well as the FIBA, CBA, AFL and Superbike., due to the accuracy and versatility of the Tissot watch brand.

There are several Tissot watch collections for men, such as the T-Classic, the T-Sport and the T-Touch. Most of these watches offer black leather or metal band and a round face with beautiful colors such as black, white, blue or silver.

Some of the Tissot sports watches include split timers and the brand even offers aviation watches that will stay accurate at any altitude.

The Tissot women’s line includes both round dials and bracelet-style watches, in metal and leather bands. While some of the watches are suited for athletes or are simple and classic in design, others are jewelry-like, with chain bands and diamonds around the dial.

If you or that special someone in your life is looking for something a little more unusual, check out the Tissot pocket watches, which come in gold or silver and in a variety of sizes. There is even a beautiful gold Tissot pendant watch that looks as if a beautiful locket hides inside.

Another option is the Tissot Gold line, which includes case material with 18-carat gold or higher. Consider adding a luxurious touch of gold to your next watch!

For vintage or antique watch lovers, there are several Tissot watches built to look like the watches of another era, such as the Heritage Prince, meant to look like watches worn by the Czar in Russia during the early 1900s.

Tissot brand watches are available in many jewelry stores, high-end department stores and in Tissot retailers worldwide.