Versace caters to the high social class who like luxury items that are often handmade and considered high end. Gianni Versace established Versace as a boutique in Milan’s Via della Spiga, in Milan Italy, in 1978 and it grew in popularity as well as other Versace branded dealings.

In 2004 a line of Versace timepieces were established, called the DV One. This line produces a line of Swiss-certified watches from Switzerland that are of luxurious caliber and high quality. The certification ensures that all of DV One’s beautiful watches meet the Maison’s strictest standards. Women and men who love to wear timepieces on their wrist and want something very classy and beautiful should seek Versace’s DV One as their watches are beautifully designed in ceramic in black or white that are decorated with precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires as well as chronograph.

DV One lovers would be delighted to know that they added some new watches to the line in 2008, which was the first type that is fitted with Tourbillon machine. There are a small number of Tourbillon-made watches called Acorn; it is made with excellent technical requirements. Women and men can adorn their wrists with DV One’s beautiful watches that may have a symbol of the Greek frieze or Medusa imprinted on their timepieces for that added feel of sophistication.