Zenith Watches is one of the most prestigious names in Swiss watchmaking. Founded in 1965 in Le Locle, Neuchatel, where it is still located, the company has garnered 1,565 first-place awards for precision and is the creator of some of the most iconic timepieces in the world. Zenith Watches began with the concept of bringing all the personnel involved in designing and manufacturing its watches to one location. Before this, the various parts of fine watches had been designed and made in separate locations, making the completion of watches very difficult and time-consuming. By getting all the personnel to a central location, the process was made easier and quicker.

This tradition continues today. Zenith is one of the few watchmakers in the world that manufactures all the parts of its timepieces including the movement.

One of the best-known lines from Zenith is the Christophe Colomb series. These watches have wide faces with narrow bezels of brushed metal or set with baguette diamonds. Another icon from Zenith is the El Primero Series, a classic from 1969 that has been revived in recent years. This line has several variations, including models with dual-dial chronographs and visible tourbillons. A slightly more reserved look is displayed in the Captain line, a series featuring faces of brushed metal surrounded by bezels and curved lugs of white or red gold. Some of these models are chronographs while others are uncomplicated. The Pilot series highlights the distinguished role Zenith has played in supplying watches to the military.